2016: The Best or Worst Year? Perspective

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Posted by Brad Quiring on December 31, 2016

The year 2016 is over. It is so interesting to read and hear the different perspectives on 2016. Many call it, “the worst year ever”. Looking back through history, there are many candidates for this dubious title. In the end, though, “worst” and “best” are all a matter of perspective.

For Trump supporters in the USA, 2016 was the best. For Clinton supporters it was the worst.

For Manitoba PC supporters, 2016 was the best. For the NDP supporters, it was the worst.

For Brexit supporters, 2016 was the best. For European Union supporters it was the worst.

For residents of Fort MacMurray, Alberta, 2016 was the worst.

For Pittsburgh Penguins fans, 2016 was the best. For Winnipeg Jets fans, 2016 was the same old, same old.

For Star Wars’ fans, Rogue One made 2016 the best year. For Star Wars’ fans Carrie Fisher’s death made it the worst.

For Winnipeg area snow enthusiasts, December, 2016 was the best. For Winnipeg snow enthusiasts trying to get out of their driveways to get to a place to enjoy the snow, December, 2016 was the worst.

Notice how one’s perspective completely changes the opinion?

Perspective is personal because it is based on one’s condition and circumstances. We all admit that during this last year there were many “best” circumstances combined with many “worst” circumstances. How can we truly determine what is “best” and what is “worst”?

I propose a complete change of perspective: let’s change our view from the circumstances to our God who works in and through every circumstance.

Give Psalm 107 a read. It launches into the proper perspective from the first words, “Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.”

We are to be thankful to God because of his character, because he is good. We are to be thankful to God because of his love, which endures forever.

The composer of this Psalm could have been writing about the year 2016. While the psalmist makes a brief run through the history of Israel, the circumstances he lists could apply to anyone at any time anywhere in the world. There are good times and tragic times. Times of joy and times of weeping. Times of wisdom and times of foolishness. The common link in all this is the fact that God is there and still in control. Because God is God, he exercises his control and sovereignty with love and true goodness.

Close out your 2016, whether it was your best year or worst year, by heeding the words of final verse of Psalm 107, “Let the one who is wise heed these things and ponder the loving deeds of the Lord.” This lesson applies to us in 2016.

God bless you as you enter 2017. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!