Stay Faithful to God

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Posted by Brad Quiring on April 28, 2015

Pastor Jeff Russell brought the message at Abundant Life on Sunday, April 26, 2015. It was part of a fantastic celebration of God’s work in and through Abundant Life Baptist Church.

Pastor Brad shares his notes that he took during the message:

Stay Faithful to God: Acts 20:13-38

Each one of us has a journey and a path to follow in our lives. How we walk this path is what counts.

Paul was a founder of many churches in the ancient province of Asia. Some of those congregations were in the city of Ephesus. Paul called the leaders of Ephesus to meet him as he was on his way to Jerusalem. He knew he was in for trouble in Jerusalem because the Jewish religious leaders had it in for him. But he also knew this was the road God had called him to follow.

Here are some lessons on how to faithfully follow the road God has set out before us.

Acts 20:18 - Integrity matters

Life is not about a “pretty face”, it’s about an authentic life. We have to be real with those we are with. You see, it’s not the perfection of our life, it’s the direction of our life. Where are we going and who are we following.

Our life from the he inside needs to be real so that on the outside we can be authentic Christians.

Acts 20:19 - Example is Powerful

Faithfulness is how your life is lived out before everyone. The best message of Jesus is told through our lives.

If you’re not excited about why Jesus is great in your life, then take the time to discover why you should be so you can live that out before the world.

Acts 20:19 - Growth is not an Option

We must continue to grow because we haven’t arrived. We haven’t learned it all and we are not complete. To be faithful means to continue to grow.

Acts 20:20 - 24 - It’s all about Jesus

We need to be loyal to and love Jesus all the way.

We need to point everyone to Jesus.

Finally, our call is no matter what, we will follow Jesus.

Pastor Jeff and his wife Donna served at Abundant Life from 1994 - 1999. They now reside in Kokomo, Indiana where he is pastor of New Beginnings Christian Fellowship church.