Want to change the world? Then, change it!

Posted by Rod Neufeld on December 22, 2017

I recently had the privilege to work the Compassion Canada table at a Dan Bremnes concert. As always, it was a great experience just being a part of one of those events. I sat and listened as Dan spoke about being overwhelmed by the great needs in the world and how God revealed to him that he was not expected...

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Giving: It All Counts

Posted by Brad Quiring on May 19, 2015

Mine! When it comes to time, talent and most of all, money, “mine” is the governing philosophy of our lives. Yet, when “mine” is all we think, we rob God, ourselves and others of so much more. What is the measure to determine the importance of what we have and what we give? Jesus gave us three simple commands: Love...

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