Love, not Politics

Posted by Brad Quiring on February 9, 2020

I posted something recently on social media. I took it down because someone I knew was offended by it. I took it down because I love God and I love these folks who were offended. I preached a couple of sermons at church last year. Someone was offended by the messages. I stand by those messages and will not back...

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Bringing a Stone to a Sword Fight

Posted by Rod Neufeld on February 8, 2020

Don’t mess with a tough country boy that has a tougher God on his side! One country boy in particular was the kind of guy the “Brings a stone to a sword fight” I Samuel 17:40 (Read the whole story HERE) Before I get into that, as most of you know I’m not very traditional in my thoughts and...

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Politics - Praying, Pondering and Prioritizing by Eric Malloy

Posted by ALBC on October 1, 2019

Eric Malloy is our guest blogger this week. Eric currently works with Eastern Gate Discipleship Ministries out of Halifax, NS. (The views expressed in this blog are of the writer) Canadians will face another federal election on October 21, 2019. Please prayerfully and carefully participate with your vote and voice. For discerning and determined Christians the Scriptures will guide, inform, educate, and...

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Dumb Christians

Posted by Rod Neufeld on May 15, 2015

Christian? You must be uneducated and ignorant?! I’m reminded of the Geoff Moore song, “Only a Fool”. Give it a listen if you haven’t. I have seen more and more talk show hosts and news media taking this stance. Only with Christians of course. They only dislike us for some reason. Not just dislike, but there is something...

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