Community: Community of Authentic Relationships

By Brad Quiring on November 1, 2015

We highly value authentic relationships. Christ established his church as a community of believers who care for and nurture each other in their faith. How will the world know we truly are a community that belongs to Jesus? By the love that we actively show to one another.

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Community: Community in the Community

By Brad Quiring on October 25, 2015

Every true believer in Jesus Christ is part of the BIG Community called "The Church". The Church is represented by smaller communities, churches, all over the world. Abundant Life is one of those communities. These Communities of Jesus Christ followers are located in cities, towns, municipalities, also known as "communities". The questions we need to ask ourselves are, do our...

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Community: Community of Good News

By Kevin Trembley on October 18, 2015

We highly value intentional evangelism and discipleship. The bad news is that because of our sin, we are without hope and without God, separated from him for all eternity. The good news is that Jesus died to pay for our sins and God, in his grace, has given us eternal life with him and hope for today through faith in...

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Community: Community that Grows: Discipleship

By Brad Quiring on October 11, 2015

We highly value intentional evangelism and discipleship. God gave us the call to help one another grow in Christian maturity. As followers of Jesus, we are given the call and the resources to take someone from being a complete unbeliever to a full follower of Jesus Christ who continues this great work with others. This is how the community grows.

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Community: Community of Biblical Teaching

By Brad Quiring on October 4, 2015

The Bible is God’s inspired word and our foundation for living in community. Proclaiming God’s word is a means by which we achieve deeper Bible knowledge and should result in transformed lives. Who are the preachers and teachers in the community? All of us! Our community grows together as we teach one another as God teaches us from...

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Community: Community of Worship

By Brad Quiring on September 27, 2015

We highly value genuine worship. Worship goes far beyond music. Worship is our lifestyle. We worship God to acknowledge who He is so that we bring honour and glory to His name. Everything we think, say and do is to be an act of worship to God.

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Community: Community of Prayer

By Brad Quiring on September 20, 2015

We highly value passionate prayer. God calls us to pray. Prayer is the cornerstone of our involvement in God’s will and His mission. On our part, it is an act of obedience and service to God and others. Prayer is our constant connection to God and the expression of our total dependence on him.

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Community: Community

By Brad Quiring on September 13, 2015

Community all starts with Jesus. It exists through the work of Jesus. It has its ultimate goal to honour Jesus. This community is called “The Church” and has nothing to do with buildings, programs, institutions or styles. It has everything to do with Jesus who put it together. This world-wide community finds its representation in us right here at Abundant...

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Number 1: Jesus is Number 1 in Every Little Detail

By Brad Quiring on September 6, 2015

The grind of the day. The “stuff” that needs to be done. The people we interact with on a daily basis. Our routines. The good and the bad of the day. It is easy to have moments of Jesus being number one. What would happen in our lives if Jesus were Number 1 in every detail? They key comes in our...

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Number 1: Jesus is Number 1 in our home and Work

By Brad Quiring on August 30, 2015

If Jesus is not Number 1 in the family, it all goes down. God calls on dads, moms, kids and all members of the family to follow Jesus because he is number 1. Through faith in Jesus we are part of God’s family. While we have an example to follow, Jesus gives us something more, he gives us a new life...

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Number 1: Jesus is Number 1 in our New Life

By Brad Quiring on August 23, 2015

Now that we are free because of the person and work of Jesus, what does this new life look like? It looks very, very different from the old way of living because we now have a new motivation, reason and purpose. Jesus gives us a whole new life. Let’s learn about that new life where we are truly free...

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Number 1: Jesus is Number 1 in our Freedom

By Brad Quiring on August 16, 2015

Jesus is our Lord. We serve him and give our full allegiance to him. He died for all our sins which have enslaved us. So, why do we still go around like slaves? Jesus gives us freedom, a freedom based on him and his work. This is true freedom, whereby we can live the full life that God always intended...

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Number 1: Jesus is Number 1 in the Church

By Brad Quiring on August 9, 2015

Jesus gave everything for the church. His death and resurrection was part of the plan to establish the true church of his followers. Because of this truth Jesus is Number 1 in the church universal as well as the group with which you identify and join to learn about, pray to and worship Him. Because of this truth, we need to...

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Number 1: Jesus is Number 1

By Brad Quiring on August 2, 2015

There is no one like Jesus. He is beyond us, yet he is one of us. This puts him ahead of everyone and everything. When we get this truth set in our hearts and minds, it will radically change the way we live. Our entire motivation for living will be directed away from us and toward Christ. Our purpose for...

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Jesus Said That?!: I Stand at the Door and Knock

By Brad Quiring on July 26, 2015

Can we shut Jesus out? He is the one we love because he first loved us and gave his life for us. When we let our lives just slide by, when we think we are good enough, when we think we have arrived and when we think we don’t need anything, we shut Jesus out. Yet, he stands at...

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Jesus Said That?!: Be a Slave

By Brad Quiring on July 19, 2015

Jesus seemed to be turning things upside down with this declaration: To be the greatest in God's Kingdom, you have to be the slave of everyone. In reality he was merely righting the ship that we were sinking with our own attitudes and values. We must have the true humility of Jesus Christ in order to serve one another in...

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Jesus Said That?!: Eat my Flesh

By Brad Quiring on July 12, 2015

Eat my flesh and drink my blood. Jesus addressed a huge multitude of followers and dropped this bomb on them. Was Jesus advocating cannibalism? To all these followers, Jesus was calling on them to choose him exclusively. Following Jesus has never been about adding him to the list of stuff in our lives. Jesus IS our life. He called on...

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Jesus Said That?!: Judge Not

By Kevin Trembley on July 5, 2015

What is “judging”? What does it mean to “judge not”? What do I do about someone who is sinning? Sin is very serious to God and we must take it seriously, too. We must deal with it in our own lives and then help others deal with their own sin. Not because we are better, but because we now know...

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Jesus Said That?!: Cut off your Hand

By Brad Quiring on June 28, 2015

Does Jesus advocate self-mutilation? When Jesus brought out this fairly gruesome teaching he was really saying that we must be dealing radically with sin and temptation in our lives because it will destroy us. Not only are we taking responsibility for not only our own lives, but the lives of others as sin destroys us and all those around us....

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It All Counts: Camp Nutimik Emphasis

By Brad Quiring on May 31, 2015

Abundant Life Baptist Church has partnered with Camp Nutimik for 25 years. Nutimik has been bringing the life changing message of Jesus to thousands of children and developing young leaders since 1954. Join us to celebrate Nutimik’s work, learn more about the dynamic role the camp has in lives and how you can be a part of it! You’ll also...

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