Lessons In-Between: Lessons In-Between: Lessons in Restoration

By Brad Quiring on April 24, 2016

Lesson in Restoration, John 21:15-19. Have you ever failed someone? Have you ever broken a promise? Has your failure to keep your word caused pain and hardship to that person? Peter made a great boast and promise to Jesus, “I will lay down my life for you!” As Jesus predicted, when the “life or death” test came to Peter, Peter...

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Camp Nutimik: Inconceivable!!

By Peter Bergs on April 17, 2016

Camp Nutimik. Since its inception, Abundant Life has been a proud partner with Camp Nutimik in the Whiteshell. Hundreds of children come to the camp every summer and learn about Jesus. Hundreds more receive the benefits of the camp during the winter at retreats. Camp Director Peter Bergs joins us to present this year’s camp theme: Inconceivable!

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Lessons In-Between: Lesson in Faith

By Brad Quiring on April 10, 2016

Lesson in Faith, John 20:24-29. Some people just have to see it to believe it. Thomas had some struggles with believing Jesus all throughout his time with the Master. Now this crazy story of a resurrected Jesus from his companions and those ladies was just too much. Thomas demanded the proof and Jesus delivered with an encounter which finally brought...

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Lessons In-Between: Lessons in the Whole Picture

By Brad Quiring on April 3, 2016

Luke 24:36-49. The eleven remaining disciples of Jesus were hiding out. Hiding out of fear of the Jewish religious leaders who had Jesus killed were after them, next. They were hiding in their shock and grief over the events of Jesus’ brutal murder. All they had hoped for and dreamed was gone. Then Jesus appeared to them! He came to...

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