Messed Up: Life

Topics:   message series    life    hope    euthanasia    community    abortion   

By Brad Quiring on April 7, 2019

Life is sacred. God created all people in His image and is the one who determines life and death. God loves all people and it is his desire that all come to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. For this reason, we hold life as sacred. Not because we love babies and seniors, but because God made life sacred. We protect life and dignity because God created all people in His image. We give comfort and support to all people because God commanded us to do that, not because he wanted to keep us busy, but rather because life is sacred. We'll be looking at verses from Genesis, Jeremiah and Luke as we go through a theme that has become extraordinarily political and hostile on both sides. We will go from our supposed "right to choose" and look at life is sacred because of God.

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