The Most Wondrous, Amazing (Slightly Strange) Show on Earth: The Longest Day

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By Brad Quiring on August 11, 2019

As a result of a foolish decision, the Israelites were now caught in a treaty with the Gibeonites. Nearby tribal kings saw that Gibeon was now aligned with the feared Israelites, so they decided to bring the Gibeonites back into line so that they could all join forces against Israel. God sent Joshua and the Israelites out to not only defend Gibeon, but to also drive out the forces of those opposed to God's people and to take the land God had promised them. The battle was favourable to Israel, but the day was advancing and if the enemy forces could escape in the night, they would be able to regroup and attack again. Joshua prayed, and God miraculously held the earth in place to give another day of daylight to ensure victory. God does care and has the power to help his people. God is in control of everything and can do with creation what is necessary to ensure his way is followed, his people are protected and his name is glorified.

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