Children Matter to God. Camp Nutimik Sunday

By Wayne Eisbrenner, Executive Director Camp Nutimik on March 3, 2019

Abundant Life and Camp Nutimik have been partners since 1990. Camp Nutimik provides a safe, fun environment for children to learn about Jesus and life. It is also one of the best leadership development programs around, bringing young people in to learn servant leadership skills. Wayne Eisbrenner, Camp Executive Director, will be sharing how children matter to God. Mark 10:13-16

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Camp Nutimik Sunday

By Wayne EisBrenner on June 10, 2018

For its whole life as a church, Abundant Life has been a partner of Camp Nutimik. Camp Nutimik is located in the Whiteshell Provincial Park and plays an important role in helping children and youth learn about Jesus and to develop leaders. Nutimik's executive director Wayne EisBrenner will be speaking this morning to not only let us know what is...

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Camp Nutimik: Inconceivable!!

By Peter Bergs on April 17, 2016

Camp Nutimik. Since its inception, Abundant Life has been a proud partner with Camp Nutimik in the Whiteshell. Hundreds of children come to the camp every summer and learn about Jesus. Hundreds more receive the benefits of the camp during the winter at retreats. Camp Director Peter Bergs joins us to present this year’s camp theme: Inconceivable!

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