Ignite!: Igniting the Church in all the World

By Brad Quiring on February 26, 2017

Acts 11:19-24. The Book of Acts in the Bible tells the story of Jesus working through the beginnings of The Church. This work continues to this day not only in the area listed in Acts, but into all the world through all true followers of Jesus.

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All I Want for Christmas: The Gift We Can Pass On to Others

By Brad Quiring on December 25, 2016

There are Christmas gifts that always fit. They are the gifts we receive from God through His ultimate gift of Jesus. The gift of time, kindness, encouragement, appreciation and love. Most of all we are to give the gift of the message of salvation through faith in Jesus. Have you received this gift? Are you ready to give it to...

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Missions’ Sunday: Partnering in the Gospel

By on December 4, 2016

Abundant Life is so pleased to partner with World Team Canada and Marvin and Heidi Schmidt as God builds His Kingdom in Spain through them and their team. It is a special privilege to host the Schmidt family this morning in our service and to hear about how God has brought us together to proclaim the message of Jesus in...

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Ignite!: Ignite Unity

By Brad Quiring on November 20, 2016

When Jesus moves through his church, things will be lit. Change can bring some uncertainty. Following God's commands sometimes isn't as clear to some as it is to others. When Jesus told his followers to go into all the world to preach the good news, he meant go to EVERYONE. When the new believers in Jesus came into the family,...

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Ignite!: Igniting a Vision

By Brad Quiring on October 30, 2016

Igniting through Vision, Acts 10:1 – 23. When Jesus moves in His Church, something will be lit. Two righteous followers of God. Good men. Complete strangers to one another, yet intimately known by God. Jesus brought them together through powerful visions. Through these visions, and the subsequent obedience, the Church went far beyond the borders of Israel and Judaism to meet us here...

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Ignite!: Igniting the Good News

By Brad Quiring on October 2, 2016

When Jesus moves in his church, something will be ignited. Acts 8:26-40 - Philip was moved from a thriving work in Samaria to the middle of nowhere, literally. In the middle of the desert, on the highway heading south into Africa, he met a man trying to figure out the meaning of a message. God used Philip to ignite the...

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Ignite!: Igniting Power and Truth

By Brad Quiring on September 25, 2016

When Jesus moves in his church, something will be ignited. Acts 8:4 - 25 - Jesus told his followers to be his witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth. The Jerusalem and Judea part was easy to swallow for the new followers of Jesus, they were Jews and that was their homeland. But Samaria was a different...

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Love God, Love My Neighbour

By Brad Quiring on September 11, 2016

We're launching the new ministry year with a challenge to reach our neighbours for Jesus. Who is my neighbour and how do I love them? Mark 12:28-33 contains one of the most valuable lessons for us as followers of Jesus Christ. We must love the Lord our God with all our being. Based on that truth, we must love our...

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The Unlikely Suspects: Levi, the Party Master

By Brad Quiring on August 7, 2016

Levi (Matthew), the cheating rat tax-collector, met Jesus and left everything to follow him. So, how does he celebrate his newfound faith and life? He throws a party for Jesus and invites every “undesirable” and unsavoury character to meet Jesus. And Jesus loved it! Join us this Sunday to learn about evangelism like you’ve never thought could be.

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Forward from Here: Forward in the Community

By on May 22, 2016

Forward in the Community – Acts 2:42-47 This is The Church: A community of believers in Jesus sharing everything with each other, gaining favour from the non-believing community and growing. All needs were met and God was praised. Simple, straight-forward and ready for action!

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Lessons In-Between: Lessons In-Between: Lessons in Restoration

By Brad Quiring on April 24, 2016

Lesson in Restoration, John 21:15-19. Have you ever failed someone? Have you ever broken a promise? Has your failure to keep your word caused pain and hardship to that person? Peter made a great boast and promise to Jesus, “I will lay down my life for you!” As Jesus predicted, when the “life or death” test came to Peter, Peter...

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Focus: Focus on Vision

By Brad Quiring on March 6, 2016

Focus on Vision: Luke 10:1-21. Jesus sent out his disciples to announce his coming. At the time it was to announce that he would show up in town. Now he calls his followers to announce that he is coming back. To be ready for his coming, we must proclaim that Jesus is The Saviour and The Lord. We must depend...

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Finding Bethlehem: Precious Memories

By Brad Quiring on December 20, 2015

Christmas brings up powerful memories. Christmas should also create powerful and precious memories that remind us of that which is truly important: that we need a Saviour in Jesus, that we do have a Saviour in Jesus and that we need to share the Saviour Jesus with others.

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Community: Community in the Community

By Brad Quiring on October 25, 2015

Every true believer in Jesus Christ is part of the BIG Community called "The Church". The Church is represented by smaller communities, churches, all over the world. Abundant Life is one of those communities. These Communities of Jesus Christ followers are located in cities, towns, municipalities, also known as "communities". The questions we need to ask ourselves are, do our...

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Community: Community of Good News

By Kevin Trembley on October 18, 2015

We highly value intentional evangelism and discipleship. The bad news is that because of our sin, we are without hope and without God, separated from him for all eternity. The good news is that Jesus died to pay for our sins and God, in his grace, has given us eternal life with him and hope for today through faith in...

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It All Counts: The Invitation: 1

By Brad Quiring on May 24, 2015

Jesus died for the forgiveness of all sins. God loved the whole world. When we accept the invitation to believe these truths by faith, we move from death to life. From enemies of God to his children. From Hell to Heaven. And it’s all for ourselves. You’re “in” because someone gave you the invitation. What would happen if...

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