The Unlikely Suspects: Amos: The Most Unlikely

By Brad Quiring on August 28, 2016

What is your excuse? I’m not _____________________ (prepared, trained, taught, knowledgeable, mentored, choose an excuse). Amos was a farmer. Not a prophet. His dad was a farmer, not a prophet. Yet God chose Amos to speak to the king and all the people. He made no excuse nor apology when challenged by the highest religious leader of the land. Amos...

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The Unlikely Suspects: The Faith-Full Friends

By Brad Quiring on August 21, 2016

How far will your faith take you? For some friends of a paralyzed man, they literally dug a hole to get their friend to Jesus. In seeing their faith, Jesus didn't just heal a man of his physical condition, he healed the man of his ultimate sickness: sin. The only way to deal with sin is through faith.

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Baptism Celebration

By Brad Quiring on July 31, 2016

Join us this for a celebration as followers of Jesus share their story of God’s work in their lives and then illustrate the great truth of the Gospel through baptism.

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The Unlikely Suspects: The Unlikely Suspects: Obadiah, Risky Business

By on July 10, 2016

In a time of open and violent hostility against the followers of God, Obadiah, a high ranking official in King Ahab's court risked not just his career, but his very life to ensure that God's servants, the prophets, were kept safe. How far does your faith in and obedience to God take you? What can you do, now, to take...

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The Unlikely Suspects: The Unlikely Suspects: Enoch, the Walker

By on July 3, 2016

Enoch walked faithfully with God. What does that look like? It means he had a walk directed by the Holy Spirit that resulted in a lifestyle pleasing to God and helpful to others. Galatians 5:16-25

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Forward from Here: Forward in Power

By on May 29, 2016

Forward in Power – Acts 3 – 4:22 The power of Jesus working through the believers in healing, in preaching the Word of God and in standing up for their faith in Christ. This same power is still available to us. It changes our lives and brings attention to Christ and His Church.

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Lessons In-Between: What Goes Up Will Come Back for our Good

By on May 1, 2016

The ascension of Jesus to Heaven has a very brief mention in the Bible, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important. The moment Jesus went to Heaven it started a chain of events that will be fulfilled when Jesus comes back. This event is critical to our very lives, faith and hope. Jesus did go up to Heaven....

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Lessons In-Between: Lesson in Faith

By Brad Quiring on April 10, 2016

Lesson in Faith, John 20:24-29. Some people just have to see it to believe it. Thomas had some struggles with believing Jesus all throughout his time with the Master. Now this crazy story of a resurrected Jesus from his companions and those ladies was just too much. Thomas demanded the proof and Jesus delivered with an encounter which finally brought...

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Lessons In-Between: Lessons in the Whole Picture

By Brad Quiring on April 3, 2016

Luke 24:36-49. The eleven remaining disciples of Jesus were hiding out. Hiding out of fear of the Jewish religious leaders who had Jesus killed were after them, next. They were hiding in their shock and grief over the events of Jesus’ brutal murder. All they had hoped for and dreamed was gone. Then Jesus appeared to them! He came to...

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Focus: Focus on Our Suffering

By Brad Quiring on February 21, 2016

There are few topics in life and in the Bible that can bring about heavy discussion and strong opinions as the topic of suffering. This subject can draw people together or it can drive them apart. Some have chosen to reject God due to suffering in the world and in their own lives. Others are drawn closer to God and...

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Focus: Focus on our Commitment

By Brad Quiring on February 7, 2016

We've focused on the Glory of God, our sin, our salvation through Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit that lives in us when we believe in Jesus. Now what? Our commitment to the focus. We focus on our commitment with a change in perspective when it comes to the promise we make to God. A huge event from young King...

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