Toll Road: Follow Jesus

By Brad Quiring on May 19, 2019

Jesus said, "Follow Me" to Simon Peter, John, James, Andrew and Levi. He gives the same call to each one of us. How will we respond?

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Missions Sunday: Don Pickel - Assist

By Don Pickel on April 28, 2019

God has called every believer in Jesus to be His witnesses and proclaim the truth of Jesus to the whole world. Don Pickel from Assist will challenge us today to be the witnesses God has called and equipped us to be.

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Be Strong, Be Courageous and Go

By Brad Quiring on January 6, 2019

Joshua 1. God had promised Abraham that he would become a great nation, with a great land and great blessing. Over 400 years later, God was about to make good on His promise. The people of Israel were about to enter the promised land. God's call to His people was to be strong, courageous and to go all in His strength, with...

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Indispensable: Commission

By Randy Jaspers on October 14, 2018

To be IN a church without GOING out and proclaiming the Good News of Jesus means we're not really being The Church of Jesus Christ. Randy Jaspers, Regional Minister for the Manitoba Baptist Association, reminds us that to truly be followers of Christ, we need to proclaim salvation through Jesus to all the world

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Why Should I Blend In When I Can and Should Stand Out?

By Bob McLaughlin, Salvation Today Ministries on April 29, 2018

Bob & Trudy McLaughlin of Salvation Today Ministries are with us this morning to make us ask and answer the question: "Why Should I Blend In When I Can and Should Stand Out?" God is working all around the world, but he works through all kinds of people, including us!

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Focus on Union Gospel Mission

By Jeff Gilfillan on September 24, 2017

Abundant Life and Union Gospel Mission (UGM) have been partners for years as we all obey Christ’s command to be kind, compassionate and practically helpful to those in need. UGM’s Development Manager Jeff Gilfillan joins us this Sunday to challenge us not just about supporting UGM in prayer and practical service, but also about our responsibility to serve...

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Ignite!: Igniting Cooperation

By Brad & Lori Quiring on July 9, 2017

Pastor Brad and Lori are back from their trip to Europe, where they spent time with Abundant Life's missionaries Marvin and Heidi Schmidt. It was a time to be together with the missionaries and pastors who are working to proclaim the message of Jesus in their country, with the goal of establishing churches that will proclaim Jesus throughout the world....

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Missions’ Sunday. Mike Reimer, Avant Ministries

By Mike Reimer on June 11, 2017

Mike and Carolyn Reimer and their family served for many years in Bolivia and Uruguay, helping churches develop leaders to continue the work of proclaiming Jesus and starting churches not only in those countries, but around the world. Mike is now the Canadian director of Avant Ministries and joins us today to inform and challenge us with regards to our...

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Ignite!: Igniting World Evangelism

By Brad Quiring on May 7, 2017

Acts 13:1-5. Everyone is involved in Jesus’ mission to proclaim the gospel to all creation and make disciples of every nation.

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Ignite!: Igniting the Church in all the World

By Brad Quiring on February 26, 2017

Acts 11:19-24. The Book of Acts in the Bible tells the story of Jesus working through the beginnings of The Church. This work continues to this day not only in the area listed in Acts, but into all the world through all true followers of Jesus.

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Missions’ Sunday: Partnering in the Gospel

By on December 4, 2016

Abundant Life is so pleased to partner with World Team Canada and Marvin and Heidi Schmidt as God builds His Kingdom in Spain through them and their team. It is a special privilege to host the Schmidt family this morning in our service and to hear about how God has brought us together to proclaim the message of Jesus in...

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Ignite!: Igniting the Good News

By Brad Quiring on October 2, 2016

When Jesus moves in his church, something will be ignited. Acts 8:26-40 - Philip was moved from a thriving work in Samaria to the middle of nowhere, literally. In the middle of the desert, on the highway heading south into Africa, he met a man trying to figure out the meaning of a message. God used Philip to ignite the...

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Special Guest Speaker: Don Pickel

By Don Pickel on July 17, 2016

Don Pickel, of Assist Ministries, will be speaking this Sunday. We're very excited to hear what Don has to say based on years of experience in Colombia and Cuba.

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Bridges for Peace

By Don James on June 26, 2016

Don & Victoria James from Bridges for Peace will be our guests as they talk about God working in Israel and the Jews to supply needs and find true peace.

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Camp Nutimik: Inconceivable!!

By Peter Bergs on April 17, 2016

Camp Nutimik. Since its inception, Abundant Life has been a proud partner with Camp Nutimik in the Whiteshell. Hundreds of children come to the camp every summer and learn about Jesus. Hundreds more receive the benefits of the camp during the winter at retreats. Camp Director Peter Bergs joins us to present this year’s camp theme: Inconceivable!

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Missions’ Special - Walls of Freedom Winnipeg

By Jim Wiseman on November 15, 2015

We pray and give generously to help ensure the great message of Jesus goes to all the world. We think of those far away who need to hear of Christ’s love and we respond. But what about the ones just down the road from us? What about the great spiritual and physical needs in our own city of Winnipeg?...

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It All Counts: Camp Nutimik Emphasis

By Brad Quiring on May 31, 2015

Abundant Life Baptist Church has partnered with Camp Nutimik for 25 years. Nutimik has been bringing the life changing message of Jesus to thousands of children and developing young leaders since 1954. Join us to celebrate Nutimik’s work, learn more about the dynamic role the camp has in lives and how you can be a part of it! You’ll also...

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Union Gospel Mission

By Gilbert Plante on April 19, 2015

Gilbert Plante from Union Gospel Mission shares what is happening with his ministry.

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