The Great Christmas Light: From Dark Minds to Bright Thinking

By Brad Quiring on December 22, 2019

From darkness in our thinking to clarity about the truth of Jesus. Every person is unclear about Jesus, the Bible, The Holy Spirit and God. We are constantly unsure of right and wrong, good and evil. Some live as if ignorance is bliss while others spin their mental wheels trying to figure it all out. This darkness in our thinking...

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International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church

By Jason Ryan on November 11, 2018

Hebrews 13:3 says, "Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering." The Bible reminds us to pray for and support those who are suffering simply because they are believers in Jesus Christ. In many countries, Christians are harassed, discriminated against, bullied, even jailed,...

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Commitment: Commitment to Peace

By Brad Quiring on February 11, 2018

Romans 12:17-21. Jesus came to bring peace. Peace between people and God and peace between people. Since Adam and Eve's fall, conflict and unhealthy, unhelpful competition has existed between people. God sent Jesus to bring His peace to those who believe in Christ. This peace is not just the absence of conflict, "agreeing to disagree" or "let's just all get...

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The Arrival: Arrival of Peace

By Brad Quiring on December 3, 2017

Is peace merely the absence of conflict or is it something deeper? We seek peace on an international level and on the family level. We are even seeking peace within ourselves. We don’t want a lull in the battle, we want a life of true calm, tranquility and security. God promised that he would send someone who is described...

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The Whole Picture: All Things Work Together for Good

By Brad Quiring on July 30, 2017

Romans 8:28. All things work together for “good”: ACCORDING TO GOD’S PLAN FOR US. The entire universe has been affected by sin. Nothing truly works right in this creation because we have chosen to be slaves to sin, therefore God subjected everything to frustration and loss. This is a direct consequence of a sinful nature and sinful actions. Yet all...

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Bridges for Peace

By Don James on June 26, 2016

Don & Victoria James from Bridges for Peace will be our guests as they talk about God working in Israel and the Jews to supply needs and find true peace.

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Missing Peace: Peace Found

By Brad Quiring on March 27, 2016

Resurrection Sunday. Where is peace found? Peace is found through the One who is our Peace. He was broken so we could be made whole. He received His life back so we could have His life and peace with God. Join us to celebrate the peace found in Jesus Christ who rose from the dead. Twitter and Facebook #ALBCMissingPeace

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Missing Peace: Broken Peace

By Brad Quiring on March 25, 2016

Broken peace. Broken bread. Broken body. Through Jesus’ own broken body, God’s peace came to us. Twitter and Facebook #ALBCMissingPeace

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Missing Peace: Rejected Peace

By Brad Quiring on March 20, 2016

Centuries before his arrival, Jesus was prophesied to be the Prince of Peace. The Jewish people were under the heavy boot of the Roman conquerors. Jesus rode up to the capital city of Jerusalem as the Prince of Peace. Who would not want this peace? His own people did not receive him and he was rejected. We are under the...

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