Just Go

By Brad Quiring on December 1, 2019

Three people chosen by God. Three invitations from God. Three responses to God. The invitations and how they responded directly affect us today. The same invitation is made by God to us. How will we respond? #albcgreatlight

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Ignite!: Igniting a Vision

By Brad Quiring on October 30, 2016

Igniting through Vision, Acts 10:1 – 23. When Jesus moves in His Church, something will be lit. Two righteous followers of God. Good men. Complete strangers to one another, yet intimately known by God. Jesus brought them together through powerful visions. Through these visions, and the subsequent obedience, the Church went far beyond the borders of Israel and Judaism to meet us here...

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Focus: Focus on Vision

By Brad Quiring on March 6, 2016

Focus on Vision: Luke 10:1-21. Jesus sent out his disciples to announce his coming. At the time it was to announce that he would show up in town. Now he calls his followers to announce that he is coming back. To be ready for his coming, we must proclaim that Jesus is The Saviour and The Lord. We must depend...

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