Indispensable: God

By Brad Quiring on October 7, 2018

Indispensable God. We need God. Period. Without God, we have no life, no blessings, no hope, no existence at all. God is real and he is the One who defines all things in this universe. So many us live as if we don't believe that we need God for everything. A refining of our faith will then manifest itself in...

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Holy: Holy Worship

By Brad Quiring on January 22, 2017

God is Holy. He is totally separate from all things. He is above and beyond us and all creation. There is only one God and only one way to worship him, in holiness. When we know God's holiness, we will begin to worship Him according to His holiness. Deuteronomy 12:13-14

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Focus: Focus on God’s Glory

By Brad Quiring on January 3, 2016

God is the Creator and Lord of everything. He is great, wise, powerful, just, holy, love and truth. The sum of these attributes describes God’s Glory. His very essence and being is glory. Everything God says and does is for his glory. Therefore our focus has to be God and His Glory.

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Community: Community of Worship

By Brad Quiring on September 27, 2015

We highly value genuine worship. Worship goes far beyond music. Worship is our lifestyle. We worship God to acknowledge who He is so that we bring honour and glory to His name. Everything we think, say and do is to be an act of worship to God.

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