ALBC Youth Crew

Each Friday from 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. we get together to worship, grow, eat, have fun and just hang out. (Bible Study every second Wednesday, contact for details)

The Youth Crew has 2 leaders (Rodney & Debbie Neufeld), adult volunteers, and a bunch of Youth ages 12 to Graduation.

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Life= Fun, Boring, Slow, Fast, Confusing, Clear, Agreements, Disagreement, Exciting, Depressing, Easy, Hard, Predictable, Unpredictable… Well its a series of ups and downs

We are here for all of it! Fill out our contact form for more info.

  • Food is out when you get here!
  • We dig into our bibles to learn about God and understand our place in Him.
  • We learn how to apply each lesson to our lives today.
  • We listen to music and even sing along (Sometimes ).
  • We have guest speakers come in and talk about all kinds of things from evangelism to emotional coping skills.
  • We go to concerts.
  • We go out to eat.
  • We have firepits.
  • We serve our community in many ways.
  • We try our best to get to the lake/beach at least once a year.
  • ……Did I mention NERF WARS?
  • “It’s all Fun and Games until someone gets Hungry” (aka Board Game/Birthday night).
  • As always, we love to just listen and talk with you.
  • Support for parents and families.

Some of the Programs we have used in the past: Echo the Story, Eternity:Francis Chan, and other programs from “Right Now Media” Plus quite a few of our own!

To find out more check us out here: FaceBook or IG or

Got Questions? Call or Text Rodney Neufeld 204-979-7387

To register your Youth for the “Youth Crew” Please Click Here.