Night Church

Have you ever been curious…

Ever wondered what church and God are all about…

Do you wonder what hope is supposed to look like….

Do you ever ask, is life more than what I see in front of me?

Life is hard and we weren’t meant to walk it without hope, without joy or without peace.

I’d like to introduce everyone to THE God, the one that found me and showed me we were meant for so much more.

Doesn’t matter what we’ve done, what we look like or what people may think of us. It’s about knowing a God that wants something more for us than just simply surviving. He doesn’t care about our past, He wants to give us a better future.

Come and see then decide for yourself, in a place that is safe and you are free to question and ask questions and expect a response not just a quick answer, I had those questions, so I want to be able to try and answer them, I’m gonna fail at times, because we all do at times. That’s why God gives us Grace…

See what it looks like, Sunday nights at 6:30

Night Church…where “come as you are” means what it says.

if you have question call us:

Rodney at 204-979-7387 or Debbie at 204-995-7387