The Great Spring Break Adventure – FAQ

Monday, March 27th – Friday, March 31st, 2023

Presented by: Abundant Life Baptist Church

1396 Plessis Road, Winnipeg, MB

Abundant Life Baptist Church’s Spring Break Day Camp FAQs



1. Where is Abundant Life Baptist Church located?

We are at 1396 Plessis Road.  On the west side of Plessis Road across from Ecolé Regent Park, between Ravelston Avenue and Regent Avenue.  We have a nice big parking lot in the back of the church, best place for dropping-off and picking-up your child.  

Google Map – 1396 Plessis Road, Winnipeg, MB

2. How do I go about registering my child for Camp?

    ONLINE:  Complete and submit the Registration Request Form below.  Payments can be made online via e-transfer to

be sure to include your child’s name in the message.

IN PERSON:  Please call (204) 995-8172 to make a registration appointment.


  •  This is a Registration Request Form only.  Your registration will be confirmed once our registrar has contacted you and payment is received.
  • The cost for the week is $125 for the first child and $115 for each additional child from the same household.
  • One Registration Request Form must be submitted per child.
  • Our Spring Break Day Camp is designed for children in Grades 1-6.
  • Our program formally starts at 9:00 am, but you can drop your child off as early as 8:15 am.  You will need to sign your child “IN” each day.
  • Our program runs until 5:00 pm.  We won’t leave anyone abandoned, but if you could pick your child up by 5:30 pm that would be appreciated.  If you are running late give us a call (204) 222-7671 to let us know.  You will need to sign your child “OUT” each day.
  • Special Note:  Friday evening we have a Family Dinner planned for 6:00, we do not get back to the church until 5:45 pm on Friday.
  • We reserve the right to rescind registration from any camper(s) whose behaviour negatively impacts the church, other campers, volunteers or staff.

     Registration Request Form: Registration

3. What will my child be doing at Camp?

Click this link for a schedule of the week’s activities:  Schedule

4. What do I do if my child has allergies?
Be sure to advise us of this on your child’s registration form so that we can make alternate arrangements

5. What safety precautions do you use in light of Covid-19? We will be following whatever the Manitoba restrictions are at the time.  All our staff are double vaccinated.  Lots of hand sanitizer!

6. How do you safely take 40+ children swimming?
Quite simply, we follow the pool rules.  Including making sure those who need to are wearing PFDs, are grouped with a specific leader in ratios set out by the pool and that the lifeguard’s word is final.  Beside the staff in the water we also have staff on the deck doing constant visual checks that every child is accounted for during our stay at the pool.  We have a check list with every child’s name and we check off that we have seen each child, when we get through the list; we start again, for the entire time we are at the pool.  That’s why we don’t go swimming till later in the week so that we know your child well enough to recognize them when they’re all wet!

For further details check this link: Elmwood Kildonan Pool – Recreation and Leisure – City of Winnipeg

7. What does my child need to bring to Day Camp?

Each day they will need to bring a bag lunch.  Please be sure their name is on their lunch bag.  We will provide two snacks each day.

Monday we will be going to Kid City – Archibald.  It is very important that your child be wearing socks this day.

Tuesday we are off to The Manitoba Electrical Museum.  Nothing extra required for this truly hair-raising experience.

Wednesday we are going to Pan-Am Swimming Pool.  A swimsuit, towel and PFD if you have one.

Thursday we will be going to the Assiniboine Park Zoo.  Be sure to have your child dress for the weather that day.

Friday we are going to the Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre.  Nothing special required today.  But note that we won’t be back to the church until 5:45 this day.

We have plenty of toys and games for children to play with when they arrive.  It would be best if they do not bring toys, games, or electronics from home as we cannot be responsible for them and we wouldn’t want them to get mixed up with the things we have here or with some else’s items.

More questions?

Send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can:

More info: Schedule

Registration: Register