The province of Manitoba is now allowing an great increase in the number of people that can attend church. Here is the official news release:
• faith-based and cultural gatherings (pow wows, sun dances) may expand to 50 per cent capacity or 150 people indoors, whichever is lower; masks and physical distancing between households is still required;
   – if the facility design allows, the capacity limits may be applied to different physical spaces within the venue;
   – outdoor faith-based and cultural gatherings permitted up to 150 people and drive-in services continue to be permitted without restriction;
• outdoor weddings and funerals may include up to 150 participants in addition to photographers and officiants; indoor weddings or funerals increase to 25 people in addition to photographers and officiants;
What does this mean for Abundant Life?
  • Our official capacity under the new rules is 100, but in order to meet physical distancing requirements it means only 66. BUT! We can operate a normal kids’ program at 11:00AM
  • Because of our own limits, we will continue with services at 9:00AM and 11:00AM on Sunday, with the livestream at 11:00AM as well
  • Registration is open to ensure you have a place:
  • We had been hoping for a loosening of the mask requirements, but for now, according to the Province’s regulations, Masks must be worn, even when seated, except for those on the stage. 
    • We are disappointed with this latest development, but we will continue to cooperate and move forward.

God bless and see you Sunday!