From John of Abundant Life’s elders’ team:

Yesterday was just plain tough. The ongoing reports about vax issues and the realization that this is no longer theory. Choices will be costly.

Then the garage door got totally mangled and looked a total loss. There we were with it stuck half open. Estimated replacement 1500-2000.

Tonight we decided to attempt to repair it. With wisdom from God and lots of advice from Junior we got the sections sort of straight but not looking real great.

But there was hope that it would work. But now we needed to lift it up and set the bottom section in place. We tried but there was no way my wife, Junior and I could do it. Right then a really big guy was walking down the back alley, “Hey, do you guys need a hand?’ Yes! He effortlessly lifted it up and we were able to move the bottom section into place. (And it actually works!)

Whether he was an angel or not I don’t know. But God sent him just at the time of our need.

Our Father,

You are good and You do good,

I know we are not supposed to but we do have a lot of fears. Help us be alert to and resist the fear propaganda we hear every day.

Thank You for the ways You “show up” and let us know You care. Remind us again how nothing can separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus.

We do need Your wisdom, Your leading. We face difficult choices. May we be able to hear Your voice, “this is the way, walk ye in it”.

How do we pray for our situation? It seems judgment is here and nothing will stop it. But Jeremiah in his day kept calling the nation to repentance. Lord I pray we would, we really would all repent, from the pew to the prime minister.

We pray for the lost. If we are discouraged, well, they have no hope at all. We pray for courage and grace as we talk with them.

Even so come Lord Jesus