From John Almas of the Abundant Life Elder Team:

Our Father,
We come to You again only because we are Your kids. Because of Jesus You have given us this mercy. John 1:12
We are feeling broken. I believe most of us feel quite betrayed by our government. Was our trust and allegiance misplaced?
     I must ask this of myself. I say I trust You and honour You above all. But why then do the decisions of human leaders affect
me so much? The apostles rejoiced that they were counted worthy to suffer for You. Of course our suffering is pretty tiny by
comparison and no different from what everyone is going through. Maybe we are getting an appetizer.
     But Lord we don’t really know what to do. We don’t really know how to pray. We look to You for Your mercy and leading, as Your kids.
     The current situation does reveal some of our spiritual deficiencies. You have shown me some of my selfishness. I don’t really get disturbed by situations unless they start affecting me personally. Lord help us hear what You are saying. We need You even to know what to pray.
     We may need to make some difficult choices soon. May our loyalty be to You first. But we have had it really easy so far.
Today I read that in Nigeria 17 people a day, 3500 so far this year, have been murdered only because they are followers of Jesus. They do not deny You. Lord have mercy. Give them Your supernatural power and grace. May we be as loyal to You.
     We will never agree on every thing. We won’t know the whole story this side of heaven. Please show us what we need to know for the sake of Your kingdom here. Help us work in unity as much as possible. (We know society at large can’t)
May we make the most of the opportunities that we have because of COVID and the restrictions.
In Jesus Name
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